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Social media has changed the way recruiters find qualified candidates in the market….in a single search they can review, connect with and interview almost any candidate who has a LinkedIn profile. But candidates also have a great opportunity to choose their future employer in a similar way. As candidates we would all like to hear about our future employers’ values, projects and opportunities that would match our expectations. Why spend our time and energy focusing on a company that might not be the right fit for us?

GE’s New IT Center Expected to Create 150 Jobs in Poland

'We don’t keep track of what time people come in and go out, but we do watch their performance closely,' says Sugunah Verumandy.

GE Healthcare expects to create 150 highly skilled jobs in Poland at a new IT Center, based in Krakow. The goal is for the positions to launch long-term careers with GE Healthcare’s IT organization. More than 50 positions are already available this year, with the remainder expected throughout 2014. The center will support GE Healthcare’s business across the globe, with opportunities for developers, system analysts, application consultants, application architects and senior-level leaders.

Meet GE #Oil & #Gas February 5-7 at the #Subsea Expo 2014 Event

GE Oil & Gas: Subsea Expo 2014

Join the GE Oil & Gas Team! Are you ready to work with one of the industry’s most talented professionals in bringing the power of imagination to the world of energy? Attend the “Subsea Expo 2014” event February 5-7 in Aberdeen, UK. You can find us at STAND 165.

Meet our staff of industry experts and explore our challenging UK career opportunities with a member of the Talent Recruitment team.

Getting a foot on the #career ladder – how to handle #assessment centres

Lorna Bullett

Assessment centres are designed to allow employers to see candidates in a variety of situations. You will be measured on your performance against a set of competencies that the employer is looking for. This means that if you don’t do so well in one exercise, there are other opportunities for you to shine.

How can you prepare? Follow these top three tips to ensure you showcase yourself on the day.

#University collaboration spurs GE’s #European R&D expansion

Carlos Härtel, Managing Director, GE European Research Centre

The earth-moving equipment is moving in at GE’s European Research Centre in Garching, near Munich, in preparation for a massive expansion at the site. Already home to 200 researchers and a further 70 students and other staff, the centre is set to raise capacity to perhaps 450 scientists and researchers.