Have you thought about how colleagues in the organisation get on? What makes them successful? How you perform in the job is not enough. Promotability depends on Performance, Image and Exposure. Take the time to consider these factors and how effectively you’re managing your own career.

• Common denominator in the promotion process
• Confirms your ability to take on more responsibility
• Must grow to stay above the bar as it is being raised
• Includes both execution and the values displayed whilst performing

• Is the message you send before you speak
• Answers the question “I’m ready”
• Every interaction counts
• Has Executive Presence

• Greatest impact on your career
• Internal and external opportunities
• Makes you visible to those who can influence your career
• Can be enhanced by network of mentors, bosses and champions

Becky has over 16 years’ service with GE and has been working at GE Healthcare since 2009 when she took the European Talent Acquisition Leader role. Becky joined GEHC from GE Corporate where she was EMEA HR Project Manager & prior to that she held a Black Belt & Operations Manager roles at GE Financial Services.