Rashmi Sareen

At GE, we’ve been hard at work building a culture of health through a program employees call HealthAhead. Our goal is to partner with GE employees and their families around the world to help them live and work in the healthiest way possible, decrease health-related absences and strive to limit the growing cost of healthcare. HealthAhead demonstrates how we take real steps towards better health for more people. Meet HealthAhead Hero Rashmi and learn how she manages stress.

Managing stress is a key element of HealthAhead, but it’s not always as easy to implement as fitness or nutrition. Around the world, GE sites offer yoga, tai chi and even laughter therapy. Employees like Rashmi Sareen, a cash officer at GE Capital in Montreal, Canada, have found unique ways to manage stress in their daily lives.

When Rashmi started at GE, she registered for Indian dance classes at a local studio. “I wasn’t looking to change my lifestyle, but the classes were so much fun, they have now become an integral part of my life,” she says. Before joining the dance classes, Rashmi says she wasn’t very physically active. The classes have boosted her energy level, improved her overall physical well-being and helped her manage day-to-day stress. What’s more, Rashmi is helping to set up Hatha yoga classes at work, and now she’s planning to run in a 5.4-kilometer event to promote cancer research.

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