Jacqueline Field

This jobcast will feature career opportunities with GE Oil and Gas in the UK. GE Oil and Gas is a global, leading supplier of technology-based equipment and services for the oil and gas industry – from drilling and production equipment to pipeline integrity. GE Oil and Gas offers exceptional development opportunities in an environment where your contributions and welfare are respected and rewarded. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest business leaders in the industry, work with the latest technologies and advance your knowledge and experience in drilling and production.

If you’re ready to work with the industry’s most talented professionals in bringing the power of imagination to the world of energy, have a listen to our special guest today, Jacqueline Field, Global Recruiting Leader – joining us from Florence, Italy.

  1. Jacque, as a global recruiting leader, what opportunities currently exist within GE Oil and Gas in the UK?
  2. What skills – competencies – education and background are you looking for?
  3. I know you have a private, invitation-only career fair coming up on the 2nd November in the Bristol area. How can interested candidates present their qualifications in order to receive an invitation?
  4. Why GE? Why should the best-in-class talent consider joining GE Oil and Gas?
  5. For those unable to attend your career fair, Jacque, what is the best way to apply for the career opportunities we’ve discussed today?

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