Among the agreements already in place are those for cleaner coal plants, avionics, and high-speed passenger rail in the U.S. — all of which are helping create and support U.S. manufacturing and R&D jobs.

With China experiencing one of the largest rural to urban migrations in history, a number of aviation, energy and rail agreements have been signed between GE and China over the last 14 months. During Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Washington this week, updates will be announced on the deals, which are designed to help one of the world’s fastest growing markets meet its infrastructure challenges in sustainable ways — and to create and support U.S. jobs, provide unprecedented access to Chinese technologies and markets, and generate a new wave of growth for GE. In terms of jobs, the deals will support nearly 4,700 in the U.S., including those along GE’s U.S. supply chain.

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