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GE To Give Penn State $10M For Gas Drilling Center

The center will produce tangible benefits to the industry, to communities that are affected by drilling or related activity, and to consumers.

Bright sparks: Leadership innovation at GE

Globalization and changing worker demographics have had a big impact on leadership development strategy at GE

Creating a culture of innovation

94% of global executives are unsatisfied with their innovation performance. To get past existing frustrations, companies can focus on three key areas to build a culture of innovation

Reorganizing IT With a Best-Practices Approach

GE Capital CTO Eric Reed offers insights into how the financial services firm makes various IT systems work together in a streamlined and cost-efficient way

GE’s ‘very nerdy’ chief technology officer embraces Canada’s complexity

Mark Little, General Electric Co.’s Chief Technology Officer and head of global research, likes to do business in Canada because he likes a challenge.