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Social Engagement: Trends, Cases & The New Model In Action

In Social Engagement: Trends, Cases & The New Model in Action, we examine how organizations are using social tools to engage their employees and their external stakeholders, how best to “listen” through social to divine actionable intelligence, and how to measure progress and outcomes. Along the way we offer eight case studies to illustrate each part of the report. Part One: The Evolution of Social Media as a Business Tool (Case Study: USAA). Part Two: Employee Engagement (Case Studies: General Electric & IBM)

GE Healthcare says its East Side plant has $342 million impact in Wisconsin

Madison’s largest, longest-standing medical device factory pumps as much as $342 million into Wisconsin’s economy, according to a study being released Wednesday. GE Healthcare Life Care Solutions, 3030 Ohmeda Drive, makes anesthesia machines and critical care ventilators, and recently added a digital pathology collaboration. With 630 employees, it is the Madison area’s largest medical device employer, and a significant player for GE Healthcare, said Neal Sandy, chief marketing officer for the Life Care Solutions division.

White House Adviser Talks STEM, Maker Movement

Tom Kalil, deputy director for policy for the White House Office of Science and Technology, speaks to students about STEM education and efforts to promote “maker” movement.

GE Named #1 for Leadership by

GE earned top honors in the Leadership 500 Excellence Awards at the Global Leadership Excellence Forum, placing first in the Large Companies category ahead of NCR and Humana Inc., and eclipsing hundreds of top firms including P&G, IBM, Google, Apple and Microsoft. GE and other category winners were recognized for their exceptional leadership development programs and initiatives.

Dubai: the world’s fairground

World’s fairs may be passé in the West, but not in Dubai. Its winning bid for Expo 2020 signals that the emirate is back from its brush with insolvency and brasher than ever. The Expo is predicted to create 277,000 construction jobs and inject $23bn in investment into that country’s economy.